Cusabio Macaca fascicularis Recombinant

Product details Product name: Macaca fascicularis Recombinant Purity: >85% (SDS-PAGE) Target names: IL1A Uniprot No.: P79340 Alternative Names: IL1A; interleukin-1 alpha; IL-1 alpha; Hematopoietic-1 Species: Macaca fascicularis (Crab-eating macaque) (Crab-eating monkey) Expression Region: 113-271 Protein length: Total length of the mature protein Label information The following labels are available. N-terminus His-tagged Without tags The type …

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Cusabio Tags & Cell Markers Recombinants

Abstract A new method of gene tagging (tag fusion tagging [MFT]) for Neurospora crassa and Magnaporthe oryzae is demonstrated. Translational fusions between the hygromycin B resistance gene and various markers are inserted into genes of interest by homologous recombination to produce chromosomally encoded fusion proteins. This method can produce tags at any position and create …

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Cusabio Metabolism Recombinants

Abstract Strong expression of recombinant proteins in bacteria affects primary carbon and energy metabolism, resulting in growth inhibition and acetate formation. By applying glucose pulses to batch fermentations performed for the production of a heterologous (alpha-glucosidase in Escherichia coli), we show that induction of the recombinant gene strongly inhibits maximal specific glucose uptake capacities and …

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